Happiness Journal january - february 2019

JOURNAL January 7 th – February 14 th , 2019 A publication dedicated exclusively to Life Care ® ’s customers and partners 1 January 7 th – February 14 th , 2019 If you think you can, you’re right! Did you happen to meet people who told you about dreams that seemed unrealistic, but, after a while, to see they accomplished them with success? Henry Ford, founder of the American automotive industry, used to say that "weather you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right." And, indeed, he was right - the force of personal convictions is extremely strong, and if you use it constructively, it will help you get where you want. After thousands of articles, books, or conferences on success, one thing is certain: there is no unique recipe that, if you follow it step by step, mathematically, you will be successful. And the explanation is simple: the universal recipe for success does not exist, because each one of us is different, has his/her own way of looking at life, and makes "click" on different things. It is true that if you want to succeed in doing something, you have to start from a few conditions. In the first place, you have to inform yourself and to know very well the field in which you want to develop. So if, for example, you want to become a very good sales person, you need to look for and learn techniques and secrets to help you master the situation and use your charisma. Equally important is to be motivated - to want to be persuasive, to put your soul into what you say and to pass on an energy that captures the one or the ones in front of you. The next important thing is to have an action plan, to establish a set of tactics and methods to reach your goals: who to talk with, where to be present, what you want to offer, and how to offer these things. But, beyond those mentioned above, you still need something making all the things bind, giving life to the plans on the paper and acting as an engine throughout the process: subconscious beliefs, those that make the difference between failure and success. When the subconscious is on your side and you believe from the bottom of your being that something is feasible, at that moment, success becomes just a matter of time. Have you heard of the internal thermostat? It is that set of values, beliefs and ideas that each of us shapes over time. The internal thermostat is a mechanism that often draws your attention by saying that "it's too hard", "things do not bind" or "it's not for you." It can hold you down, urging you to quit or resign, for fear of failure. At these times, you need to access subconscious beliefs and press the button that will help you get rid of the limiting beliefs that stand between you and success. We end with a quote that belongs to Henry Ford: "The mind of man is a channel through which things that may exist turn into things that EXIST." Do you know which is the mineral that gives you mobility? Details at page 2! MUST HAVE