Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

BioHAUS® Spray with chlorine and active oxygen, 100ml canbeusedin anyenvironment and space BioHAUS® Spray w ith chlorine and active oxygen, 500ml canbeusedin anyenvironment and space £ 6.79 24% DISCOUNT 21% DISCOUNT 100 ml £ 15.30 500 ml 9392 9394 Hygieneisanes entialelementinthedailylifeofeveryperson,itis thekeyelementingeneralhygienebecausethevariousobjectsand surfaces we touch daily are prone to being contaminated with bacteriaorvirusesand can be the m ain factorin theirtransm is ion. Thatiswhy,theirsanitationisveryimportantandimpliestheuseof solutionsthatcanprotectusfrom thesevirusesandbacteria. TheBioHAUS® Chlorine and Active Oxygen Sprayisamulti-purpose cleaning spray,has a fastaction,being idealforfrequentuse in sanitizingvariousobjectsandsurfaces. The use ofsuch asprayaimsto sanitize and eliminate the bacteria existing on surfaces and,im plicitly,their transmis ion to the hands,face and eyes,these being themostsensitiveareasofthebody. M ethodofuse:Apply2-3spraysofsolutionand wipethedesiredsurfacefor30seconds. M adeinGermany 108 HOMECAREPRODUCTS