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Life Care® Founders Life Care journey isa contemporary “dream come true”story,started by 2 youngbrothersdrivenbyastrong desire to promote a healthier & prosperouslifearoundthem. “Inspired by a dream, guided by values such as pas ion, freedom and friendship,we believe thatyou deserve to live a good and happy life in a community thatisevolving positively,steadily in the direction ofthecommongood. W e are dedicated in everything we dotoac omplishwhatweas umein our mision, to develop and continualy inspire an entrepreneurial environment that wil provide a realopportunity to have abeterandhappierlife. Starteach daywith us,with a smile and a new atitude:HAPPY EVERY DAY!” Cristian& DanOnețiu -Life Care® founders

HEALTH AND IMMUNITY BEAUTYAND PERSONALCARE HOMECARE PRODUCTS NUTRITION AND SPORT EDUCATION AND PERSONALDEVELOPMENT MONEYAND ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEIGHTLOS AND DETOXIFICATION Being HAPPYEVERYDAY meanslivingwith OVERAL WELBEING,contentment andjoyeverydayofyour life. It is a STATEOFSPIRITIN W HICH YOU FE LSATISFIED AND FULFILED evenwhen facingdailychalengesand obstacles. Beinghappyeveryday doesnotmeanthatyouwil notencounterdiff icultiesor les pleasantmoments,but thatyouhavetheabiltyto f indthepositivethings, appreciatethesm al pleasuresandcultivatean AT ITUDEOFGRATITUDE TOWARDSYOURLIFE constantly.

The HappyEveryDaycom m unityin num bers! is a life style! Establish Life Care® 2005 Firstdeliveries toHungary 2011 Deliveriesto HungaryandItaly 2012 Firstdeliveries toSlovakia,Germ any and Spain 2016 wedeliveredin 19countries 2017 THEYEARSOF INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 2018-2023  over5milionunique consumersofourproducts;  over2.8milionpackages deliveredtoourcustomers;  over20milionproducts soldtoourclients;  certif ied products:Ecoinspect,Ecocert,ICEA, Natrueandothers  methodologiesandinteractivesalestoolsused byover1,200entrepreneurs  over60milioneurosgrantedascashbonuses, prom otions,trips,cars,cam paigns,prizesortraining courses  profes ionalworkproces esauditedand deliveredbyMicrosoft,KPMG andmanymore  m anysocialresponsibilty projectsthatbroughtus thetopcompaniesCSR  over115milion euroturnover  arecognizedandtrustedbrand,presentinalmajor busines publicationssuchasForbes,Capital, MoneyChannelandmanymore.

The recipe forhappines in 3 steps 1.HEALTHYPRODUCTS Over300Bio,naturalandveganproductsthatcoverover200specif icneedsinthe7majorcategoriesofhumanneeds. Choosewhatsuitsyou! Eatcleanproductseverydaytokeepf itandhealthy! W orkeverydayforyourprosperityandf inancialindependence! Contributetothepositiveeducationofthenextgenerationseveryday! 2.AN INDEPENDENTBUSINES DoyouliketheLifeCare® products,ahealthy,happyandprosperouslifestyleanddoyouwanttomakeanextraincomeinthisindustry? W ehavepreparedforyouabusines modelthatisvalidatedbythousandsofpeoplelikeyouandthatiseasytostart. W akeupyourdreamsandactforsuc es ! 3.CONTRIBUTION Theyounggenerationisthefutureofthenation.ThroughtheBioCampcamps,wehavebeeninvestingforover8 yearsintheeducationofover300super-giftedteenagersfrom Romania. Getinvolved asa volunteerand contributor!

4 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY 4052 4100 4483 4482 4503 4101 4454 4453 4458 4420 4405 4588 4055 4440 4450 4301 4459 4030 4330 4044 4351 4083 4605 4606 4607 4608 4609 4610 476 477 570 7085 431 573 567 7100 4053 574 7620 7080 737 764 856 7008 7077 7040 7042 7610 7081 7074 7072 7070 8042 766 7037 774 7044 7007 7089 7107 7036 1597 PowerROL byBearPower® ,withBIO plants,LifeCare® -relievesmusclepain M obiltycapsules,BearPower,LifeCare® -increasesm obilty W arm ingGel,BearPower,withBIO plants,LifeCare® -antirheum aticefect W arm ingGel,BearPower,withBIO plants,LifeCare® ,500m l-anti-rheum aticefect EnergyROL byDevil’sClaw,withBIO plants,LifeCare® -energyforhealthymusclesandjoints M uscleCapsules,Devil'sClaw,LifeCare® -actsinternaly Devil’sClaw,CoolingGel,w ithBIO plants,LifeCare® -relaxesm usclesandjoints Devil’sClaw,CoolingGel,w ithBIO plants,LifeCare® ,500m l-relaxesm usclesandjoints M agicRol,withBIO plants,LifeCare® -reducesmusclepain Bodycream ,withBIO calendula,LifeCare® -healingefect Balm ,“Grandm a'scure”,w ithBIO plants,LifeCare® -againstheadaches BodyCream w ithFrankincenseandBIO plants,LifeCare® -relaxesm usclecontractions CannabiCalm bodybuter,withCBD 1000mg,LifeCare® -relaxesthemuscles Kräuter® Bodycream withBIO mountainarnica-anti-inf lammatoryefect Recoverygel,„Knitbone”,w ithcom freyandBIO plants,LifeCare® -posttraum aticrecovery FootLotion,w ithBIO plants,LifeCare® -relaxing KomfortRolwithBIO plants,LifeCare® -lightfeetfeeling Footcream ,w ithureaandBIO plants,LifeCare® -tom aintainskinm oisture Footcream ,w ithvineleavesandBIO plants,LifeCare® -im provingcirculation W arm ingfootcream ,withBIO plants,LifeCare® -warm scoldfeet M as agelotion,withBIO plants,LifeCare® -relaxingefectforthebody Oil,M agicOil,LifeCare® -oilfrom over30herbs BIO LavenderEs entialOil,LifeCare® -calm ingefect BIO LemonEs entialOil,LifeCare® -tonicandenergizingefect EucalyptusEs entialOil,natural,LifeCare® -decongestantefect GardeniaEs entialOil,natural,LifeCare® -relaxingefect PineEs entialOil,natural,LifeCare® -invigoratingefect M as agealm ondoil,natural,LifeCare® -stronglym oisturizing,odorles Throatdrops,withBIO sage,LifeCare® -keepthethroatandpharynxhealthy Coughdrops,withBIO echinacea,LifeCare® -helpsoothethroatiritationsandcoughs Organicteaforcoughandexpectoration,LifeCare® -expectorantandantitus ive LarynxForte,throatspray,w ithBIO m arigolds,LifeCare® -protectsthethroatandoralcavity BIO syrupwithfennelandthyme,LifeCare® -f ightsof drycough Organicherbalandfruittea,forimmunity,LifeCare® -supportstheimmunesystem Organicteawithgingerandoranges,forenergy,LifeCare® -foodsupplement-energizesandvitalizesthebody OrganicM atcha,LifeCare® -antioxidant Oil,PureOreganoOil,LifeCare® -supportsthebodyinanaturalway Organicherbalandfruittea,forchildren,LifeCare® -supportstheimmunesystem MultiPlusVitKIDS,withvitaminsandcalcium forchildren,LifeCare® -complexformulathatises entialfordevelopment VitaminD3,dropsforchildren,400IU,LifeCare® -maintainsbonehealth Propolis,LifeCare® -strengthensimmunity VitaminC,1000mg,LifeCare® -prolongedrelease EchinaPluswithechinacea,propolisandvitam inC,LifeCare® -supportstheim m unesystem M agicSuperFood,37es entialnutrients,LifeCare® -energyandvitam inization M onodose,withRoyalJelyandFlowerPolenExtract,LifeCare® -protectsthebodyfrom pathogens UltimateImmuno,withBIO acerolaandwilow,LifeCare® -supportstheimmunesystem ActiveSalicin,w ith w hitew ilow barkextract,LifeCare® -naturalsourceofsalicin M ultiPlusVit,w ithvitam insandm inerals,LifeCare® -m ultivitam insandm inerals ReishiMushroom Extract,400mg,LifeCare® -strengthenstheimmunesystem Zinc,LifeCare® -activatesthecelularfunctions QuercetinPlusVitaminC,LifeCare® -improvestheimmunesystem OrganicColostrum,400mg,LifeCare® -antibodiesforimmunity ProbioLife,w ithgerm com plex,LifeCare® -probioticsforintestinalf lora ArtroLife,w ith green shelextract,Life Care® -forjointelasticity M SM Power,LifeCare® -m aintainsjointhealth Calcium andM agnesium CoralCom plex,LifeCare® -m aintainstheskeletalsystem ComplexwithvitaminD3(2000IU),K2andOmega3f lax,LifeCare® -maintainsbonehealth Happy&RelaxMuscle,withpotas ium,magnesium andvitaminB6,LifeCare® -reducesmusclecramps Liquidsupplementforjoints,ColagenBooster,withvitaminD3andorganicrosehips,LifeCare® JointPower,Hydrolyzedm arinecolagen,LifeCare® -M uscleandJointRecovery OrganicPureMoringa,LifeCare® -generaltonic FerVit,w ithBIO acerola,LifeCare® -im portantsourceofiron 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 7105 1506 1581 1513 7083 8118 1511 7420 7038 7063 7013 7490 7039 7103 756 7051 747 743 7600 7530 7012 7010 765 7048 7052 7046 7104 7102 7049 7095 7641 740 7410 729 757 730 7041 7580 7550 763 1127 1128 L-TyrosineCom plex,LifeCare® -optim alsupportofthethyroidgland M agneBeHappy,withmagnesium andvitaminB6,LifeCare® -f ightingof stres M agicE,withmagnesium andvitaminE,LifeCare® -complexofM agnesium andVitaminE BM agnif icent,vitamincomplexB1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B12,LifeCare® -complexofVitaminB EnergyM aca,withAschwagandhaandOmega3,LifeCare® -itimprovesyourmood Organicnonijuicesupplement,PureNoni,LifeCare® M enstroEasy,w ithnightlightoilsandvitam inE,LifeCare® -relievesprem enstrualsym ptom s Menopause,withEveningprimrosepowder,LifeCare® -reducesmenopausalsymptoms OPCAntioxidant,w ithgrapeseedextract,LifeCare® -cardiovascularprotectorandantiaging Vitam inEForte,softcapsules,LifeCare® -reducesoxidativestres OrganicSpirulina,LifeCare® -regulatesbodyfunctions ResveratrolPlus,LifeCare® -thesecretofyouth BeautyForte,withhyaluronicacid,LifeCare® -hairandnailsupplem ent VitaminA 5000IU,LifeCare® -supportshealthyeyesight,skinandbodyimmunity GinkgoBiloba,w ithlecithin,LifeCare® -im provescirculation Alphalipoicacidcomplex,withbiotin,LifeCare® -strengthensbloodves els Om ega3w ithf ishoil,LifeCare® -cardiovascularprotector Antioxidant,w ithvitam insandcoenzym eQ10,LifeCare® -forhealthheart GarlicandParsley,LifeCare® -lowersbloodpres ureandcholesterol DiabForm,withmomordicaandalphalipoicacid,LifeCare® -suitableforpersonswithdiabetes TurmeriCool,withpiperineandcurcumin,LifeCare® -removestoxinsfrom thebody Organicantioxidantm ix,w ithGraviola,seabuckthornandapples,LifeCare® RenaloComplex,withBIO pumpkinseeds,LifeCare® -supportstheurinarysystem ProstaNEW,withpinephytosterolsandpum pkinseeds,LifeCare® -m aintainstheurinarytracthealth UroBlockCom plex,withD-m annoseandcranberies,LifeCare® -optim alfunctioningoftheurinarysystem NeuroBoosterComplex,withBrahmiextractandL-Tryptophan,LifeCare® -improvesmemoryandfocus VitaminB12Methylcobalamin1000mcg,LifeCare® -supportsenergy,metabolism andnervoussystem function NeurotroFIXm itCiticholin,LifeCare® -supportsbrainandnervoussystem health LifeImpulse® NADH PLUS-20mg-physicalandmentalenergizer Sunf lowerlecithin,softgelcapsules,LifeCare® -im provescognitivefunction Codliveroil,withOmega3,vitaminsA andD,LifeCare® -supportsbrainhealth LifeImpulse® Lady'sDesire-sexualtonicforwomen M isterM ax,Sexualtonic,w ithBIO m aca,LifeCare® -sexualtonicform en RhodiolaRosea,LifeCare® -adaptogen Anti-stres ,w ith Nonifruit,Life Care® -antistres Relaxer,w ithValerianextract,LifeCare® -relaxing HappyDream s,w ithSchisandra,Noni,RhodiolaandValeriana,LifeCare® -stopinsom nia Schisandra,Energizing,LifeCare® -generaltonic SharkLiverOil,w ithsharkliveroil,LifeCare® -im m unostim ulant NoAlergo,w ithblackcum inoil,LifeCare® -reducesalergicreactions SuperW aterconcept SuperW ater® Glas jug-1200ml SuperW ater® Complexofmineralsandtraceelements-dailyintakeofmineralsandtraceelements 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 Musthaveproducts Innovativeorseasonalproducts New productsinourportfolio Legend: NEW MUST HAVE HOT

5 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY The m ostappreciated productsin the area ofhealth and im m unity! Trythem al! "ƍ egroundwork ofal hap ines ishealth."L eighH unt NEW!

£ 8.99 M obility capsules, BearPower,Life Care® increasesm obilty A dietary supplement with a complex formula of special ingredients: Indian frankincense, wild chestnut, organic eucalyptusandwhitewilow. Designedtorepresent,togetherwith the W arm ingGel,BearPower,withBIO plants, Life Care®,a complete solution to help withmuscleandjointdiscomfort. •actsinternaly •complexformula •againstmuscleand jointdiscomfort •strengthenstheefectof theW armingGel,BearPower, w ith BIO plants,Life Care® 4100 30capsules 4052 PowerROL byBearPower, w ith BIO plants,Life Care® relievesm usclepain £ 10.39 50 ml InspiredbyBearPower,thisisa wel-knownproduct,developed torelieveseveraltypesof discom fort,such asm uscle or jointdiscom fort. Obtainedfrom themost valuablem edicinalplants, amongwhichmint,eucalyptus, vineandginsengcomefrom biologicalycontroled environments,ithasa concentratedformulawitha warmingefectthatrelieves m uscle discom fort,contusions anddislocationsthatmayoc ur afterphysicalexertion. M adeinGermany M adeinGermany •fastabsorptionthankstothe innovativeform ula •strongwarmingandcalming efect •easytocaryanduse,rol-on packaging 6 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

60%DISCOUNT in MONTH 2 throughthe W elcomeProgram!Detailsonpage125-127. 500 ml BearPower® isthe no.1 natural rem edyforrheum aticpain! •actsonthespot •perfectforimproving peripheralcirculation •light,plant-based composition •relievesmuscleandjoint discom fort W arm ing Gel,BearPower, w ith BIO plants,Life Care® antirheumaticefect Known overthe yearsasthe bestwarming gelin Romania,Bear Powergelstandsoutforitsuniquerecipethatcombinesthenatural powerofplants,including mint,eucalyptus,ginseng and vine, whichcomefrom biologicalycontroledenvironments. Itisspecialydesignedtoaleviatem uscleandjointdiscom fortthat oc urseitherfrom pathologicalcausesorfrom situationssuch as injuriesormuscleoveruse. Over 5 milion productssold £ 16.99 250 ml £ 11.69 M adeinGermany 7 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY 4483 4482

4% DISCOUNT £ 8.99 M adeinGermany M adeinGermany Muscle Capsules, Devil'sClaw,Life Care® actsinternaly A specialdietarysupplementwith a specialingredient mix:devil's claw, cat's claw, turm eric, BIO gingerextractandselenium. Togetherwith the refreshing Gel, Devil’sClaw,CoolingGel,withBIO plants, Life Care® represents a complete solution to help with jointormuscleinf lammation. •actsinternaly •strengthenstheefectofthe refreshingGel,Devil’sClaw,Cooling Gel,w ith BIO plants,Life Care® •relaxesthemuscles •soothesjointdiscomfort 4101 30capsules 8 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY £ 7.69 EnergyROL byDevil’sClaw, w ith BIO plants,Life Care® energyforhealthymusclesandjoints InspiredbytheDevil'sClaw,itisan efective solution thatcontributes to avoiding the discomfortcaused by physical overwork or a sedentarylifestyle. Itcontainsa mixofplants,such as devil's claw, organic eucalyptus, organic ginseng, organic lemongras, organic rosemary, with therapeutic efects on the boneandmusclesystem. Ithasaquickefectofcalmingand relaxing muscle pain orenergizing tired legs. 50 ml 4503 •healthymusclesandjoints •simpleuse-rol-onpackaging •quickcoolingandenergizingefect •easytotransport

•actsonthespot •hascoolingefect •relaxesmusclesandjoints •soothesmuscleorjointpain •reducesinf lam m ation Devil’sClaw,Cooling Gel, w ith BIO plants,Life Care® relaxesmusclesandjoints Thegelisapowerfulrefresher,auniquecombinationof5herbs,of which ginseng,eucalyptus,rosemary and lemongras come from biologicalycontroledenvironments. Ithas a quick calming and relaxing efecton muscle pain and energizestiredlegs. M adeinGermany 500 ml £ 13.79 250 ml £ 10.99 9 55%DISCOUNT in MONTH 1 throughthe W elcomeProgram!Detailsonpage125-127. Over 2.3 m ilion productssold HEALTHANDIMMUNITY 4454 4453

55% DISCOUNT in MONTH 1 throughthe W elcomeProgram!Detailsonpage125-127. £ 11.69 60 ml MagicRol,with BIO plants,Life Care® reducesmusclepain 4458 M agicRolwithorganicplantsisaUNIQUE"anti-pain" concept,in rol-on format,extremelyeasyto use and transport! Its"magic"FORMULA W ITH ORGANICPLANTSsuch as: organic Aloe Vera,organic Sage,organic Rosemary, organicOlives,m ountainarnica,m int,cham om ileand others are wel known for their important role in reducingaverywidespectrum ofpain. M adeinItaly Coversover20 typesofpain: o rapidreliefofpaininvarious areas,suchasthecervicalarea, neck,w rists,arm s,knees,ankles ormuscles; o soothesskiniritations,even thosecausedbyinsectbites! IM M EDIATEEF ECT FASTABSORPTION VERYPLEASANTSMEL EASYTO CARRY EASYTO USE: DID YOU KNOW thatmuscleand jointpainafectapproxim ately 80% ofthepopulation? A trulyMAGICproduct! CONVINCEYOURSELFand DON'Tletpainafectyourlife! EFFECTIVE ON MORE THAN 20 TYPES OF PAIN 10 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

£ 9.89 4420 250 ml ThecombinationofjojobaoilandBIO avocado oilises entialforyourskin, while BIO calendula has impres ive efectsontheskin. •hydratestheskin •richvitam inEcontent •organicingredients •soothesandhelpsheal minorburns •intenseanddeepcare Bodycream ,with BIO calendula,Life Care® healingefect Balm ,“Grandm a'scure”, w ith BIO plants,Life Care® againstheadaches Theconcentratedcombination ofeucalyptusoil,peppermint oil,rosem aryoil,organic almondoilandsheabutercan helprelieveheadaches. Itgivesapleasantand refreshingsensationwhen applied.Itcanbeusedvery easily,bym as agingthe templeswithslow movements. M adeinGermany M adeinGermany £ 6.99 15 ml 4405 • soothesheadaches • clearstheairways • invigorationandcalmnes feeling 11 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

CannabiCalm bodybuter, with CBD 1000 m g,Life Care® relaxesm uscles COSMOS ORGANIC £ 17.99 100 ml concentrated product The CannabiCalm body buter, with CBD 1000mg,LifeCare® hasaconcentratedand ultra-m oisturizingform ulabasedonorganic oils.It is idealfor relieving any joint or m uscle discom fort and for skin care. Its consistency is suitable formas aging the arm s,legs,neckandback,takescareofthe joints,removes the feeling ofheavy and tiredlegsandimprovesbloodcirculation. M adeinEU 4055 4588 Body Cream with Frankincense and BIO plants,Life Care® relaxesm usclecontractions Thefrankincenseextractinitscom position,rich in active principles,caresforand restoresskin thatlacks f irmnes ,thatis prematurely aged, andgivesitsupplenes andsoftnes . The body cream im proves skin elasticity.The Bioingredientsinthecomposition,suchasaloe vera, calendula, rosemary and mint, have strong skin moisturizing, repairing and rejuvenatingproperties.Ithelpstocarefordry, iritatedskinandregeneratestheskin. M adeinGermany £ 10.79 250 ml •restoresskin thatlacks firmnes •relaxingefectincaseof m uscle contractions •providesdelicatecare •idealforsensitive ordryskin 14% DISCOUNT 60%DISCOUNT in MONTH 2 throughtheW elcomeProgram! Detailsonpage125-127. 10% DISCOUNT 12 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

Kräuter® Bodycream with BIO m ountain arnica skinregeneration 4440 The cream with m ountain arnica hasan em olient,healing,stim ulating action on the peripheralcirculation,and an astringentand decongestantefect.The special extractsofm ountain arnica,olive oiland avocado oilfrom biologicaly controled environments provide muscle relaxation and restoration oftis ues afected by injuries(edem a,bruising,sprains,dislocations).Ithelpsthe skin regain itsnatural supplenes ,giving ita velvety and healthy look.The arnica extractpreventsthe form ation of infections, stim ulates blood circulation. The avocado oil is recommended fordermatologicaldiseases (eczema) and as a skin moisturizer, providingtoneandelasticity. Rich in helenaline with anti-inf lammatory and f lavonoid efects thatstrengthen blood ves els,the cream with mountain arnica,evening primrose oiland avocado oildoeswondersinskinregeneration. M adeinGermany M adeinGermany •stim ulatesbloodcirculation •helpscelregeneration •analgesicandcicatrizing action •slowsdowntheskin agingproces £ 9.49 250 ml Recoverygel,„Knitbone”,with com frey and BIO plants,Life Care® posttraum aticrecovery 4450 Itstandsoutforitshighcontentofextractsofmenthol,organicTatin's herb (Symphytum off icinale),organic vine,lemongras and organic ginseng,plantsrecognized fortheirbenef icialpropertiesin case of fracturesandsprains. Ithelpsin the recovery ofvariousinjuriesofthe locomotorsystem: contusions,dislocations,sprains,fractures,asw elasin skin injuries. •promotesscaring •astringentandsoothingproperties •quickrecovery •skinregeneration £ 9.89 250 ml 13 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

14 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY •tonesandrefreshes •softenstheroughskinoftheheels •speedsuptheregenerationproces £ 7.19 250 ml TheBIO eucalyptusandpeppermintextractinthe foot lotion can help them relax, providing a cooling sensation and elim inating the discom fort ofpainfulcaluses. M adeinGermany FootLotion,with BIO plants,Life Care® relaxing 4301 4459 Kom fortRol with BIO plants,Life Care® lightfeetfeeling £ 9.49 40 ml Ithelps to remove the sensations of fatigue and heavines ofthe legs by stim ulating blood circulation. Based on aunique complexoforganic plants such as aloe vera, olives, rosemary,lavender,shea buter and wheat,the KomfortRol actsin depth andprovidestonedskinandlightfeet. M adeinItaly •lightlegsfeeling •stim ulatescirculation •immediateefect •uniqueorganic plantcomplex •easytouseandcary

Footcream ,with urea and BIO plants,Life Care® to m aintain skin m oisture 4030 4044 W arm ing footcream , w ith BIO plants,Life Care® warmscoldfeet £ 8.69 100 ml Specialycreatedforthecarefulcare ofthefeet: •deeplyprotectsandhydrates •stimulatestheregenerationof theepidermis •preventstheappearanceofwrinkles •hasacalmingefect •providesafeeling ofcomfort £ 8.99 250 ml •im provesm icrocirculation •speedstheregenerationoftheepidermis •controlsperspiration •muscularandvenoustonic Get rid of cold feet. The unique combination ofnetle,mountain arnica, and organic rosemary, together with grapevine,chestnut,alantoin,cafeine, and mentholextracts,works wonders forpoorperipheralcirculation and cold feet. •warmscoldfeet •activatesblood circulation •prolongedefect •hydratestheskin •applyonlytothesolesofthefeet M adeinGermany 15 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY 4330 £ 9.49 250 ml Footcream ,with vine leaves and BIO plants,Life Care® im proving circulation W ith vine extract, wild chestnut, evening primrose oiland olive oil,the cream helpsto im prove blood circulation and ac eleratesthe regenerationoftheepidermis. The solution thatrestores the beauty and energyofyourfeet! M adeinGermany M adeinGermany

Mas age lotion,with BIO plants,Life Care® relaxingefectforthebody 4351 4083 16 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY £ 10.49 500 ml 100 ml Basedonaspecialcombinationof m ountainarnica,eucalyptus,pine,m int, juniperandSiberianf ir,thelotionhelpsa deepm usclerelaxation,w ithcalm ing efectsonthemas agedarea. M adeinGermany £ 15.79 Oil,M agicOil,Life Care® oilfrom over30herbs Oil,M agic Oil,Life Care® is a magicalproduct,a concentrated mix of over 30 es ential oils from medicinal plants, indispensable for the whole family.The oilis recommended for al skin types, including sensitive skin. M adeinItaly concentrated product headaches 2drops(mas age-the areaofthetemples) respiratoryproblem s 1/2drops(externalapplication -nasalarea) relaxation 25/30drops(inthetub) refreshm entofthe airin the house 4/5drops(inthehumidif ierorin thespecialcleaningbowl) rejuvenation ofthe feet 10/15drops(in3litresofwater) rheum aticpain 3/10drops(mas age thepainfularea) 30 esential oils •ac elerateswoundshealing •anti-inf lam m atory,antisepticand antirheum aticaction •releasesairways •helpsskinregeneration

M adeinItaly *Theycanbeusedinthearomatherapyproces andalsoapplieddirectlytotheskin,onthewrist. 10 ml Price/Pcs: £ 7.29 Mas age alm ond oil,natural,Life Care® strongly m oisturizing, odorles Thealmondoilis100% pure, specialycreatedodourles (without asm el),sothatitcanbearom atized withyoufavouritees entialoilofthe 5es entialoils.Almondoiloosens musclesandrelaxesthebody,by mas agingtenseorcongestedareas, w hile m oisturizing skin. M adeinGermany £ 17.09 125 ml ORGANICLavender calmingefect Lavenderhasa soothingscentthatcan beas ociatedwith relaxationandsleep,so itisaverygoodnatural remedyforstres .It worksdirectlytohelp youhavearestfulsleep andarelaxedmind. ORGANICLemon tonicandenergizingefect Lemonisknownforits abiltytocleansethe bodyoftoxinsandis oftenusedforits energizingefect.The oilhascalm ing propertiesandcanbe efectiveinrelieving statesofm entalfatigue andexhaustion. Eucalyptus decongestantefect Eucalyptusisbenef icialin diseasesoftherespiratory system ,helpstostim ulate theimmunesystem, providesantioxidant protectionandimproves respiratory circulation.The sm elofthisoilactivates thereceptorsofthenose, m akingbreathingeasier, beingsuitableincaseof respiratory disorders, sinusitis,colds,even m igraines. Gardenia relaxingefect Gardeniarelieves statesofmental fatigueandinducesa stateofrelaxation. Thisoilcanbe benef icialin combatinginsomnia, butalsoforinterupted sleep-youwilbe abletohavea peacefulandrestful sleepafteratiringday. Pine refreshingefect Naturales entialoil,Life Care® Pinehasamultitudeof healthbenef itsthanksto activegerm -f ighting substances-itisrecognized foritsdecongestant, antisepticandanti-inf luenza efect.The oilrelieves nervoustension,helpscalm andisextremelyefectivein treating respiratory discom fort. 4609 4608 4605 4607 4606 4610 17 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

570 Organicteaforcough and expectoration,Life Care® expectorantandantitus ive The Bronchialtea is an herbaltea, idealfor treating cough and bronchitis. It stim ulates expectoration and releasesthe airways.Thistea has emolient, healing and antimicrobial properties due to mucilage, saponins and esential oils contained by Plantago. Suggestions:W esuggest2-3cupsofteaperday forpersonsover6years. MadeinUE 30g(20x1,5g) £ 4.99 9% DISCOUNT 477 476 GLUTEN FRE NO DYES OR PRESERVATIVES Echinacea hasbeen used forthousandsofyears formedicinalpurposes thanks to its incredible properties. Ac ording to experts, echinacea appears to activate chemicalsin the body thathelp reduce certain iritations, thereby reducing cold symptoms. It contains several chemical compoundsthatstimulatetheimmunesystem. •eliminatethefeelingof discomfortwhencoughing •calm the respiratory tract •haveemolientaction •supportthe body Made in Belgium BE-BIO-02 Made in Belgium The word sage com es from the Latin "salvare" whichmeanstosave. In antiquity, sage was considered a panacea, being used in the treatment ofmore than 60 diseases. Sage isone ofthe bestnaturalremedieswe can usetotreatthroatandpharynxproblems. Ifyou don'tfeelwel and face discomfortin the throat,youcanturntothenaturalsolution–drops withBIO sage. •relievethroatand pharynxinf lam m ation •easebreathingby decongestingthe pharynx •reducetheamountof secretions •supporttheimmune system Throatdrops,with BIO sage,Life Care® keepthethroatandpharynx healthy Cough drops,with BIO echinacea,Life Care® helpsoothethroatiritations andcoughs £ 4.49 45 g £ 4.49 45 g 18 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY RO-ECO-008

431 £ 15.49 The BIO syrup with fenneland thyme,Life Care® isatherapeuticproductforthethroat and airways.The syrup isa com bination of f ine honey from f lowers,with fenneland thyme oil,has a calming efectand is a naturalaid in casesofcough oriritation.It doesnotcontainadditives,artif icialf lavors, dyesandsweeteners. The syrup has exceptionalefects on the respiratory system , acts in case of dry cough, hoarsenes , laryngitis and throat inf lam m ation. M adeinGermany DE-ÖKO-001 BIO syrup with fennel and thym e,Life Care® f ightsof drycough 250 ml The LarynxForte, throat spray, with BIO marigolds, Life Care® contributes to m aintaining the health of the oral cavity, through the protective action and by aleviating the specif ic sym ptom s of the iritatedthroat. The multiple action ofthe ingredientssuch as BIO marigolds,cinnamon,mintandeucalyptus givesa quick efectby acting directly on the iritatedarea. M ethod ofadministration: it is recommended to administer 1-3 pufs by presing the container maximum 3 times a day, depending on the need. Recommended only for persons from 3 years of age. M adeinItaly LarynxForte,throatspray, with BIO m arigolds,Life Care® protectsthethroatandoralcavity £ 10.79 20 ml 7085 19 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

20 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY Organicherbaland fruittea, forim m unity,Life Care® supportstheimmunesystem 36g(20x1.8g) £ 4.49 W ith itsnice f lavor,the BIO Life Care® teaisbased on aspecial m ixofseabuckthorn,rosehip,m int,apple,orangeandhibiscus, that help the immune and digestive system and purify the organism .Hibiscusisatropicalplantw hichprotectscelsagainst oxidative stres and hasa relaxing efect.Applesand oranges arerichinvitam inCandstrengthentheorganism ’scapacitiesto defendagainstexternalharm fulfactors. MadeinUE 573 £ 4.99 30g(20X1.5g) A deliciousmixoffruitandginger,which givesvitalitytothebodyand increasesthe physicaland mentalperformance.Gingerhastonicand energizing properties, helps eliminate toxins from the body and stim ulatesblood circulation to the brain.Orangesare a rich source of vitaminCandhelpstrengthentheimmunesystem,beingagoodalyof thebodyinthecoldseason. Methodofpreparation:Foroneserving,useasachetoverwhich250ml ofboilngwaterisadded.Leavetoinfusefor15minutes,afterwhichit canbeconsumed.Dosage:2-3cupsaday. MadeinUE Organicteawith gingerand oranges,forenergy,Life Care® energizesandvitalizesthebody 567 RO-ECO-008

7100 OrganicM atcha,Life Care® antioxidant Matcha isa concentrated form ofpowdered green tea thathas been used for centuries in China and Japan during the tea ceremony and to keep Buddhist monks focused and vigilant duringmeditations.Infact,theterm matchaanditspronunciation (maa-chuh) are derived from the Japanese words meaning "earth"and"tea". Concentratedsourceofnutrientsw ithastrong,distinctivef lavor. Due to the use ofthe whole Camelia Sinensis leafand the grinding proces ,matchagreen teaprovidesten timesmore antioxidantsthan a regularcupofgreentea. The rich chlorophyl content provides antioxidant, antianemia and anti-inf lam m atoryproperties. Pleasanttaste,easy to prepare,excelentin the vegan orvegetarian regime.Varioususes,itcan be consumed in tea,smoothie,late orin variousculinarypreparations. •improvesmemoryandincreasesconcentrationpower •hasanenergizingaction •contributestostrengtheningtheimmunesystem •detoxif iesthebodynaturalyandefectively •supportslongevity M adeinGermany Consumptionrecommendation:oneportionperday. £ 15.79 17% DISCOUNT 70 g DE-ÖKO-007 21 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY SMOOTHIE TEA LAT E

65% DISCOUNT in MONTH 3 throughtheW elcomeProgram! Detailsonpage125-127. DE-ÖKO-007 £ 20.69 15 ml Oil,Pure Oregano Oil,Life Care® supportsthebodyinanaturalway The propertiesofthisnaturaloiloforegano are due to the active principle caled carvacrol,w hich m anagesto destroy thebacteriainourimmunesystem. The exclusive W ild Oregano Oilformula workson the whole bodyandcanbeadministeredbothinternalyandexternaly. Itisonly used diluted with water,olive oil,milk,honey or juice. Dilutionratio:1:20-1:50(1:20-onepartoreganooil/20parts productwith which to dilute;1:50-one partoregano oil/50 partsproductwithwhichtodilute). M adeinGermany •exclusive form ulaw ith wildoreganooil •widecoveragespectrum •internal/externaluse •supportsthebodyina naturalway 12% 4053 DISCOUNT 22 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

Organicherbaland fruit tea,forchildren,Life Care® supportstheimmunesystem The tea contains carefuly selected BIO herbs, such as sea buckthorn,rosehip,marigold and balm,true friends ofthe immune system,but alsoofthedigestivesystem . Itis recommended 1 cup perday by children over9 months ofage,or2-3 cups perday by childrenover3yearsofage. M adeinEU 30g (20x1.5g) £ 4.05 574 23 7080 MultiPlusVitKIDS,with vitam insand calcium for children,Life Care® complexformulathatises ential fordevelopment £ 13.49 W anting the bestforourchildren,we have conceived a specialrecipe based on multiple vitamins(C,E,B1,B2,B3, B5,B6 and D3)and calcium,neces ary forahealthygrowth. •importantroleinthemetabolic energy •sustainsthenormalfunctionof thenervoussystem We recommend 1-2 capsules a day,preferably to be consumed during m eals,startingw iththeageof3years M adeinGermany 30tablets 7620 •helpsf ixcalcium inthebones •maintainsthe healthofthe m uscularsystem •contributesto thehealthof bonesandteeth Es entialfood supplementforthe normalgrowth and developmentofbones,teeth and the immune system forlitleones. In the f irst years of life,vitam in D is extrem ely importantforhealth,andparentsmustensurethat theirbabygetsenoughvitaminD. The es ential role of vitamin D continues throughout childhood and into adulthood, contributing to the formation and maintenance of healthybonesandmuscles,the normalabsorption of calcium and phosphorus, participates in the proces of cel division and helps the normal functioningoftheimmunesystem. Onedropperdayis,from theageof1year. M adeinGermany Vitam in D3,dropsforchildren, 400 IU,Life Care® maintainsbonehealth 8% DISCOUNT £ 11.49 25 ml HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

£ 9.99 Propolis,Life Care® strengthensimmunity Vitam in C,1000m g, Life Care® prolongedrelease 30capsules £ 8.59 30capsules 737 Propolisissaid to be the mostpowerful natural antibiotic in the world, and certainly the f irstdiscovered by hum ans in history. Propolisisa mixture ofsubstancesfrom nature,colected by bees and stored in the hive:oils,resin,balms,polen and wax. Its amazing antibiotic efectis due to a substance caled galangin,which boosts the resistance ofthe immune system.In addition,propolisisalso rich in vitam ins A, B1, B2, B3 and C, in calcium, m agnesium ,zinc,iron,silcon,potas ium , phosphorusandcopper,butalsoinother es entialm inerals. •strengthensthe immunesystem •protectsthegeneral healthofthebody •rich in vitam ins andminerals M adeinGermany Thedietarysupplement preventsVitaminC def iciency,helpsprotect celsfrom oxidative stres , whilemaintainingthe body'sresistancetovarious diseasesorinfections. M ethodofadministration:1 tabletperday. Recommendedonlyfor personsfrom 16yearsof age. M adeinGermany EchinaPluswith echinacea, propolisand vitam in C,Life Care® supportstheimmunesystem EchinaPlusisadietarysupplementthatofersthe synergicbenef itsofthe triplet consisting ofEchinacea,Propolisand Vitam in Cfrom rosehip,naturalsourcesthat helpthe respiratorysystem,alsoknowsfortheirbenef icialefectson the normal functioningoftheimmunesystem. The recipe also containsa specialnaturalingredient,waterybarkextractofLarix laricina–juniper,withimportantbenef itsfortheimmunesystem. Doesnotcontain potentialyalergenicsubstances! Administer by dis olving in 200 ml of warm water, 1-3 sachets/day. It is recommendedforchildrenover2yearsofage(onesachetperday)andadults. £ 9.99 10sachetsx50g M adeinEU •naturalsolutionagainstcoldsandf lu •supportstheimmunesystem •canbeusedbythewholefamily •quickefect 856 764 24 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

£ 20.69 10pcsx10ml Monodose,with RoyalJelyand FlowerPolen Extract,Life Care® protectsthebodyfrom pathogens Royaljely isanaturalingredientfulofvitaminsandnutrientsthatincreasethedefenseofthe bodyagainstpathogensandvitalizethebodyinanaturalway.Anotherimportantroleofroyal jelyistobalancethefunctionsoftheepidermisbecauseithasremarkablepropertiesofcel regeneration. Bee polen supportstheimmunesystem andhelpsrestoretis ues. Naturalvitam inEfrom w heatgerm extractandsoybeanhelpsprotectcelsagainstoxidative stres. Elderberiesand acerola areexcelentsuppliersofnaturalvitam inC.Vitam inCincreasesiron absorptionandcontributestoanaturalm etabolism anddecreasedfatigue.Inaddition,it contributestothenormalfunctioningoftheimmunesystem andthenervoussystem. Methodofadministration:drinkthecontentofanampouleinsmalsipsandkeepeachsipinthe mouthforafew seconds,ormixitwithliquid. M adeinGermany 8% DISCOUNT 7077 MagicSuperFood,37 es ential nutrients,Life Care® energyandvitam inization 30tablets £ 8.09 Did you know thatthe M agicSuperFood and its magic formula give you the daily intake of es entialnutrients,coming from naturalsources, thatareneces aryforanidealdoseofenergyand vitam inizationofthebody? The rich and complex recipe comes to youraid withacombinationof37naturalingredientsthat complement the daily intake of vitamins and energysothatyouarealwaysinyourbestshape. Method ofadministration:one tabletperday is recommended. M adeinGermany 7008 •37nutrientsinonetablet •dailyenergyandvitamin requirements •strengthensthe immunesystem •supportsthehealthofthe nervous,boneand m uscle system Pure ingredients, cold pressed, without added excipients pres edunder 40oC 25 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

7042 ActiveSalicin,w ith w hite w ilow bark extract,Life Care® naturalsource ofsalicin Inf lammation isthe body'sresponse to an aggres ion,ithasmany causes and can be caused by alergies,muscle trauma orjoint discom fort. ActiveSalicin,w ith w hite w ilow bark extract,Life Care® is the efectivecombinationofnaturalingredientssuchaswhitelinseed, turmeric,Indian incense,cat's claw and magnesium that help elim inatediscom fortsym ptom satthearticularlevel,increasingthe abiltytoregeneratetis ues. Method ofadministration:1-2 capsules/day are recommended, onlyforpeoplefrom 16yearsofage. M adeinGermany £ 12.49 30capsules £ 10.39 Ultim ateIm m uno,with BIO acerola and wilow,Life Care® supportstheimmunesystem The cold isa viralinf lammation ofthe upperrespiratory tract.General fatigue and weaknes are an open door for this type of ilnes . Ultim ateIm m uno,with BIO acerola and wilow,Life Care® is a food supplementwhichhelpsaleviateunpleasantsymptomsofcoldandf lu, suchasfever,headaches,m uscleandjointpains. Methodofadministration:onetabletperdayisrecommended,onlyfor peoplefrom 16yearsofage. •Itisanaturalanti-inf lam m atoryagent. •Fightscoldsandrespiratoryviroses •Aleviatesmusclepaincausedbycolds •Reducesfever •Helpstheimmune system M adeinGermany 7040 30tablets 26 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

ReishiMushroom Extract, 400 m g,Life Care® strengthenstheimmunesystem The Reishimushroom,orGanoderma Lucidum,isquite litle known in the W est,buthasbeenhighlyvaluedintheAsianworldforthousandsofyears and isone ofthe oldestsymbolsofwel-being and longevity.Reishi,also caled the "mushroom ofimmortality orthe greatimmune protector",has beenusedsinceancienttimesasatonic,adaptogenandimmunostimulant ofthe body.Ithasabiter,woodytaste,butwith extraordinaryproperties forpreventing coldsand viralinfectiousdiseases,signif icantly im proving the naturaldefense capacity ofthe body,increasing the production of immunesystem cels. In addition to proteins,vitaminsand amino acids,italso containsa high concentration ofm ineralsaltssuch aszinc,m agnesium ,calcium ,organic germanium and polysac harides that have benef icial efects on the im m unesystem andcirculation. Itisrecommended2capsulesperdayaftermeal, from 16yearsofage. M adeinGermany £ 12.59 30capsules 7081 Based on a combination ofmore than 20 vitamins and minerals es ential for the proper functioning of the organism (A,C,D,E,B1,B6,B12,Calcium ,Phosphor,Zinc, M agnesium,etc.)hasexcelentefectsin: Method of administration: 1-2 capsules/day are recommended. •reducingfatigue •fortif iesthebone,immuneandnervoussystem •itgivesthebodystrengthandenergy Dosage:1-2 capsulesaday M adeinGermany £ 11.29 30capsules M ultiPlusVit,w ith vitam ins and m inerals,Life Care® m ultivitam insandm inerals 7610 27 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

7074 7072 Zinc,Life Care® activatesthecelularfunctions Zincisa mineraltrace elementwhich ises entialto the body and is important in: its growth and development, in neurological and reproductive functions, but especialy in supportingtheimmunesystem. Zinchasan es entialrole in: •theproperfunctioningoftheimmunesystem andthecelular metabolism and rejecting pathogens, thus reducing the severityanddurationofviralinfectiousdiseasesorcolds •m aintainingtheactivesensessuchastasteandsm el •boneformationandtis uegrowth-zinchelpsabsorbcalcium in the bones,thus maintaining their health but also their recoveryincaseoffractures •im proving blood circulation and cognitive functions - zinc maintains the balance ofbrain functions and is es entialin braindevelopment •form ationofcolageninordertom aintainhealthyskin,hair and nails Foranoptimalevelofzinc andahealthybody,acorect andvarieddietisneces ary. Methodofadministration:one tabletperdayisrecommended. M adeinGermany Quercetin PlusVitam in C,Life Care® improvestheimmunesystem Quercetin isabiof lavonoid,apigmentpresentin manyvegetables,fruitsandf lowers. Thisantioxidantsubstanceisveryimportantforthehealthofthebodyandhelpsreduce free radicalsand fatoxidation.Quercetin isfound abundantly in capers,red onions, radishesand apples,butthe vegetable with the highestamountofquercetin isred onion,more precisely the partfrom the roots and outerlayer.The Quercetin Plus Vitam in C,Life Im pulse® supplementcontains500mg ofquercetin extracted from red onionpeeland50mgofVitaminC. Quercetin isa 100% naturaldietarysupplem ent and isrecom m ended for: •m aintainingthehealthoftheim m une,respiratory andcardiovascularsystem •reductionofoxidativestres •reductionofinf lam m ationandalergicm anifestations Vitam in Cisone ofthe m ostim portantvitam ins needed bythe hum an body: •helpssupporttheimmunesystem •isasupportinpreventingandrelievingthesymptoms ofcoldandf lu •protectsthebodyagainstoxidativestres Itisrecommended1capsule/day,beforemeals,only forpeoplefrom theageof16. M adeinGermany £ 14.39 30capsules £ 6.79 30tablets 7% DISCOUNT 28 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

8042 ProbioLife,with germ com plex,Life Care® probioticsforintestinalf lora 30capsules £ 14.39 The balance of the enteric f lora is very sensitive.Numerousfactorscan disturb the levelofenteric bacteria:diferenttypesof m edication, certain digestive ilnes es, stres etc. ProbioLife, with germ com plex, Life Care®,isa com plexofthree germ s: Lactobacilus acidophilus, Enterococus thermophilusand Lactobacilusrhamnosus, w hich are,in total,over5 bilion bacteria friendlyforus. M ethodofadm inistration: 1-2capsules/day arerecommended, startingfrom theage of5,for3-6months afterstrongdrug treatm entsorpersistent infections. M adeinGermany Over 5 bilions useful m icroorganism s 30capsules DE-ÖKO-007 OrganicColostrum , 400m g,Life Care® antibodiesforimmunity £ 14.89 The Organic Colostrum,400mg, Life Care® helps to as imilate nutrientsthatpromoteincreased energy levels, ensures the balance ofthe immune system, supports the health of the digestive tract and helps to restore nerve,bone and muscle tisues. Thegutf loraisrepresentedbyal the microorganismsfound in the digestive tract. A goodfunctioningofthebodyis determined by a gut f lora as diverse aspos ible,which must bekeptinbalance. Itisrecommended 2 capsulesa day foradults and 1 capsule a dayforchildrenfrom theageof6 years. M adeinGermany 7070 29 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

ArtroLife,with green shel extract,Life Care® forjointelasticity Thegreenmus elPernaCanaliculuscomesfrom New Zealand and represents an important source of Omega 3 fat acids, vitamins and minerals, with positive efects on the inf lammatoryproces esfrom the organism and ondiferentjointdisorders. •improvesjointmobilty •protectsandhelpsregeneratingthe spinalcolumnafectedbytheagingproces •eff icientaidforjointpainorinf lam m ations Personsover15are recommended 1capsuleperday. M adeinGermany £ 11.79 30capsules 766 •analgesicand naturalenergy vitalizer •fasterrecovery ofthebody •m aintains jointhealth •increases energylevels Foodsupplementthathelpsthebodyrecoverfaster. MSM hasnumeroushealth benef its,being es ential intheproperfunctioningofthebody. MSM is an antioxidant, detoxifying and anti-inf lammatory substance, being a frequent component of joint maintenance formulas,which reducesmuscleandjointdiscomfort. M ethod of administration: 1 capsule/day is recommended,onlyforpeoplefrom theageof16. 774 Calcium and Magnesium CoralCom plex,Life Care® m aintainstheskeletalsystem TheCalcium andM agnesium CoralCom plex,LifeCare® is asupplementneces aryfor m aintainingthehealthof theskeletalsystem and teeth,whichcontributesto thenormalfunctioningof themuscularsystem,energy metabolism andthenormal functioningofdigestive enzymes. Itisrecommendedone capsuleperdayforpeople over15yearsofage. M adeinGermany £ 7.89 30capsules M adeinGermany MSM Power, Life Care® m aintainsjointhealth £ 9.29 30capsules 7037 30 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

Com plexwith vitam in D3 (2000 IU),K2 and Om ega 3 flax,Life Care® maintainsbonehealth £ 12.49 30capsules Yourbonehealthisveryimportant.Youneeda dietary supplement with a high vitamin D3 contenttohelpyoumaintainit. Itimprovesthemood,supportsthefunctioning oftheimmunesystem andcomesasasupport forthecardiovascularsystem . Method ofadministration:2 capsules/day are recommended,onlyforpeoplefrom theageof 14. M adeinGermany •containsvitaminsD3(2000IU), K2andOmega3from Linum •ensurescalcium f ixation •supportsthefunctioningofthe immunesystem •improvesmood 7044 £ 8.99 Happy&RelaxMuscle,with potas ium ,m agnesium and vitam in B6,Life Care® reducesmusclecramps Musclecrampsoc urwhenamuscle contractsinvoluntarily and forcibly, w iththeim pos ibiltyofrelaxation. M usclesbinding tw o joints(w rists) arethemostpronetocontracting. M usclecram psvaryinintensityfrom a sim plespasm toanexcruciatingpain. Thedurationofthemusclecrampcan gofrom afew secondsupto15 minutesormore. Theoptimalcompositionof ingredientssuchasM agnesium, Vitam inB6,Potas ium andVitam inE helpstheoptimalas imilationof proteinsandfatsandactsbenef icialy onthenervoussystem. Itisrecommendedonecapsuleper day forpeopleover16yearsofage. M adeinGermany 30capsules 7007 31 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

7089 500 ml £ 22.49 Liquid supplem entforjoints, Colagen Booster,with vitam in D3 and organicrosehips,Life Care® providesstrengthtojoints,m uscles,hairandskin Itisa dietary supplementwith multiple benef itsforhair,skin and nails, m aintainsskin elasticity and reducesf ine w rinkles.Italso contributesto improvingmobiltyandhelpsreducejointpain. Colagenisthemostabundantproteininourbodyanditisfoundinmost tis uesofthe human body.Colagen isnaturaly presentin the muscle, bone and jointsystem,skin and blood ves els,digestive and circulatory system. Colagen'sroleistohelpm aintainskinelasticityandsupport hehealthof bones,joints,m uscles,cartilage,ligam ents,andnerves. Asweage,thebody'scolagenproductionbeginstoslow down. Thisdegenerativeproces leadstotheappearanceofsignsofaginganda reduction in skin elasticity,a slow ing ofm etabolism ,m uscle and joint pain,britlenailsandhair. Method of administration: 20 ml/day are recommended. Pregnant women,lactatingwomenandchildrenunder12yearsofagemustuseit onlybasedondoctor'srecommendation. M adeinItaly •maintainsthehealthofthebone, m uscleandjointsystem •providesstrengthtotheskin, hairandnails •improvesmetabolism •strongantioxidantefect 32 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

• HydrolyzedM arineColagen,TypeI • Highabsorption • Optim albioavailabilty • Jointf lexibiltyandm obilty • Providesstructureandelasticitytotis ues Actsfrom the inside to im prove colagen production, a keyelem entofjointvitalityand health! JointPower,Hydrolyzed Marine Colagen,Life Care® MuscleandJointRecovery Colagenisfoundnaturalyinthejoint,muscleandbonesystems,aswelasin the skin,blood ves els,circulatory and digestive system s.Itis es entialfor healthandprovidesnumerousbenef itstothebody. Healthy joints Colagen is es entialform aintaining healthy joints,providing structure and strength to cartilage.Hydrolysed marine colagen helps support colagen productioninthejointsandboostsjointf lexibilty,m obiltyandoveralhealth. Im provesjointcom fortand flexibility Complex formula with hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin and organic turm eric powder ensures optimal absorption and bioavailabilty forthe body.Hydrolysed marine colagen nourishes,strengthensand regeneratesjointcartilage structurebyprovidinges entialam inoacids. In addition,marine colagen containses entialmineralssuch as iron,zinc and selenium,which can help strengthen bones and ligaments.Organicturmericpowderbooststhe benef icialefects ofcolagenandimprovesjointcomfort. Vitalsupportforan active and healthy lifestyle Glucosam ine and chondroitin help m aintain healthy cartilage for jointcushioningandeaseofmovement. M arinecolagensupplementshelpsupportjointtis uerepairand regeneration,reducingpainandpromotingoveraljointhealth. Recommendeddose:2capsules/day,aftermeal,onlyforpersons aged16yearsandover. M adeinGermany £ 17.99 20% DISCOUNT 30capsules 7107 NEW! 33 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY

DE-ÖKO-007 OrganicPure Moringa,Life Care® generaltonic 30tablets £ 9.49 34 30capsules £ 7.29 FerVit,with BIO acerola, Life Care® importantsourceofiron A productbased on BIO ferouslactate,an important source of Iron, the main responsible for oxygen transportationthroughtheorganism. •preventsfatigue •Cvitam instim ulatesironabsorptionintheintestines •suitableforphysicalyactivepersonsandathletes •suitableforvegetariansorvegans Dosage:1-2capsuleforpersonsover12 M adeinGermany 1597 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY 7036 M oringa Oleifera isthe so caled M iraculousTree.Itisnamed like this becauseeverypartofthistreehasbenef icialpropertiesforthehuman body.TheleavesandseedoftheMoringatreecontaincompoundswith anti-bacterial properties, 18 am ino-acids, 46 anti-oxidants and m ineralsandvitam inses entialfortheorganism .ItissaidthatM oringa curesover300ilnes es,duetotheextremelyhighnutrientcontent. 1-2capsulesperdayarerecommended,topersonsover16yearsofage. M adeinGermany

7105 L-Tyrosine Com plex,Life Care® optimalsupportofthethyroidgland The thyroid is a buterf ly-shaped gland in the front ofthe throat that produceshormonesthatcontrolmanybodyfunctions,includingheartrate, digestion,moodandmetabolism. Thyroid hormones have an impacton metabolism,which is the body's proces ofconvertingcomponentsoffoodanddrinkintousableenergy. The food supplementisa balanced combination ofamino acids,vitamins and mineralsthatsupportsthe normalfunctioning ofthe thyroid gland.It providesthe neces ary precursorsforthyroid hormone production,which supportsnaturalenergylevelsandrelievesstres andanxiety. IngredientssuchasL-Tyrosine,L-Phenylalanine,Ashwagandha,M agnesium and Selenium,Vitamins B1,B5,B6 complex work togetherto boostthe body'senergyandoveralwel-being. Thyroidhealthrequiresaddres ingdietaryaswelaslifestylefundam entals. This includes balanced m eals,suff icientnutrition,quality sleep,regular movementandnosmoking. *Theproductisrecommendedforhypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism / underactivethyroid-whenthethyroidglandproducesinsuff icient hormones to meet the body's needs. Some of the most common signs of hypothyroidism are:exces ive fatigue,unexplained weightgain,low energy level, moodines . Fortunately,thesymptomsofhypothyroidism canbekeptundercontrolwithnatural solutionsthatrestorethyroidhormonelevelsandrestorethyroidfunction. Recommendeddose1capsule/day.Onlyrecommendedforpeopleaged18andover. •supportshealthythyroidmetabolism •booststhyroidhormonefunction •helpslowercortisolwhichcaninterferewiththyroidhormones •supportscognitivefunctionsandimprovesconcentration •helpsthebodytoproduceenergy •keepsskinandhairhealthy •immunesystem support £ 17.09 30capsules M adeinGermany 35 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY 15% DISCOUNT

MagneBeHappy,with m agnesium and vitam in B6, Life Care® f ightingof stres The magnesium def iciencies are common, thatiswhythedietarysupplementbasedon M agnesium and Vitamin B6 isbenef icialin criticalsituations,beingexcelentinf ighting of stres ,fatigue,anxietyorinsom nia. •helpsmaintainphysicalandmentaltone •strengthenstheskeletal,nervousand m uscularsystem s •m aintainsheartrate,m uscle and nervous functionsundernormalconditions M ethod ofadministration:2 capsules/day arerecommended,onlyforpeoplefrom the ageof15. M adeinGermany £ 10.49 B M agnificent,vitam in com plex B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B12,Life Care® complexofVitaminB The dietary supplementisbased on a complexof Vitam in B, im portant in regulating celular m etabolism andinpreventingheartdiseases. •increasestheabiltytoconcentrate • suitable for the elderly, with slowed down m etabolism •suitable forthe personswith prolonged physical andintelectualactivities •suitableinthecaseofanunbalanced orunilateraldiet Itisrecommended2capsulesaday, onlyforpeoplefrom theageof15. M adeinGermany 30capsules £ 8.99 30capsules 1506 1513 £ 7.49 30capsules MagicE,with m agnesium and vitam in E,Life Care® complexofM agnesium andVitaminE BasedonaM agnesium andEvitamincomplex,it isbenef icialtothevascularsystem ,andforthe stabilzationofthebloodpres ure. •strongantioxidant •greatefectsonskin •helpsnew celsformation •magnesium helpscalcium as imilationinthe bones •relaxesmuscles •reducescholesterolevel •regulatesintestinaltransit Dosage:2capsules perdayforpersons agedover12 M adeinGermany 1581 36 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY