Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

£ 7.19 500 ml M adeinGermany Sham poo forgreasyhair, with BIO netle,Life Care® oilyhair,toningefect Sham poo forvolum e,with BIO cham om ile,Life Care® volumeandshine BIO netle, rich in vitam ins, m inerals, calcium,iron,magnesium,chlorophyland protein substances,is known forits hair toning efects, prevents hair fal and controls the sebaceous function gland. Suitableforalhairtypes. Anti-dandruf sham poo,with BIO plantsextract,Life Care® anti-dandruf Based on organic plants such as chamomile,lemon balm,mintand arnica Montana, this shampoo works against dandruf,cleansthescalpandstrengthens thehair oot.Ithasasoothingandrelaxing efect,while healing lesions.Suitable for alhairtypes. The combination between chamomile, ginseng,marigold and BIO rosemary is excelentfordry and damaged hair.The product confers shine, nourishes and strengthensthe hair.Suitable foral hair types. 403 404 409 88 BEAUTYANDPERSONALCARE