Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

Kräuter® Anti-celulite gelwith BIO m intwith applicator acupres uremas age £ 14.39 150 ml WITH BALL APPLICATOR M adeinGermany M adeinGermany Anti-Celulite Gel, with BIO m int, Life Care® thermalefect •stim ulatesm icrocirculation •strengthensthemuscles •im provesskin texture •reducesexces waterin thetis ues £ 15.79 250 ml 87 4051 4040 BEAUTYANDPERSONALCARE visibly reduces the orange peel appearance of the skin! •practicaldesign •m etalicbalapplicator •thermalefect Theanti-celulitegelw itha refreshingthermalefectupon application.Itscom position rich inorganicplantscontributesto detoxifyingthebodyand strengtheningthemuscles.Mint androsem aryextractstim ulate peripheralbloodcirculation, givingtheskinelasticityand supplenes . THERMAL HEATING EFFECT