Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

5% DISCOUNT Sensitive touch anti-celulite gel,with BIO m int,Life Care® withoutthermalheatefect •idealforsensitive skin •efectivelytargetsfattis ue •restoresskinf irm nes M adeinGermany £ 13.99 250 ml 4054 Soothing gelforiritated skin, w ith BIO m int,Life Care® invigoratesandrelaxestheskin Ithelpstoimmediatelysootheandrelaxred,sunburned skin.In addition,itisalso recommended foruse in the case ofsm al scratches,insectbites orskin iritations from variousalergies. The organicmintin the composition revitalizesthe skin and stim ulatesperipheralblood circulation,having astringentproperties.Theproductisexcelentforcooling andprotectingtheskinafterexposuretothesun! M adeinGermany £ 7.69 250 ml 86 BEAUTYANDPERSONALCARE 4412