Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

Glucom annan Extract,Life Care® reducesappetite Glucom annan is a water-soluble dietary f iber, extracted from the rootofthe Konjacplant,thatis originated in Japan. It has a very low caloric content, it is very hard to digest in the smal intestine, so it takes up a lot of space in the stom achandgivesthefeelingofsatiety. The Glucomannan extractcan help in weightlos by increasing the feeling ofsatiety,thusreducing theappetiteandfoodintakeatalatermeal. Ifyoucom bineGlucom annanExtractwithexercise and healthy and low-calorie foods in yourdaily diet,theresultswilnotbelongincoming. Method ofadministration:3 capsules / day are recommended,beforemeals,onlyforpeoplefrom theageof16. M adeinGermany •reduceappetiteandincrease thefeelingofsatiety •reducecholesterol •absorbtoxicsubstances •arebenef icialfordiabetics •donotincreaseblood sugarlevel The Glucom annan fibershave m anybenefitssuch as: £ 11.79 30capsules 7056 754 DiscoveredintheExtremeOrientandknownfor itsqualitiesofpreventingfatabsorption,the chitosanisanexceptionalgastricdres ing,w ith greatbenef itsfortheorganism. •helpsreducethebodyweight •m aintainsahealthyintestinalm icrobialf lora •helpscalcium andothermineralsas imilation •protectstheliverandhelpsittodetoxify •improvestherenalfunction •reducestheblood levelof ‘’bad’LDLcholesterol Personsaver16are recommended2capsules perday,30minutes beforemeal. M adeinGermany 9% DISCOUNT £ 8.59 30capsules Chitosan,regulatescholesteroland helpscontrolweight,Life Care® preventsfatabsorption 66 WEIGHTLOS ANDDETOXIFICATION