Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

7100 OrganicM atcha,Life Care® antioxidant Matcha isa concentrated form ofpowdered green tea thathas been used for centuries in China and Japan during the tea ceremony and to keep Buddhist monks focused and vigilant duringmeditations.Infact,theterm matchaanditspronunciation (maa-chuh) are derived from the Japanese words meaning "earth"and"tea". Concentratedsourceofnutrientsw ithastrong,distinctivef lavor. Due to the use ofthe whole Camelia Sinensis leafand the grinding proces ,matchagreen teaprovidesten timesmore antioxidantsthan a regularcupofgreentea. The rich chlorophyl content provides antioxidant, antianemia and anti-inf lam m atoryproperties. Pleasanttaste,easy to prepare,excelentin the vegan orvegetarian regime.Varioususes,itcan be consumed in tea,smoothie,late orin variousculinarypreparations. •improvesmemoryandincreasesconcentrationpower •hasanenergizingaction •contributestostrengtheningtheimmunesystem •detoxif iesthebodynaturalyandefectively •supportslongevity M adeinGermany Consumptionrecommendation:oneportionperday. £ 15.79 17% DISCOUNT 70 g DE-ÖKO-007 21 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY SMOOTHIE TEA LAT E