Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

• HydrolyzedM arineColagen,TypeI • Highabsorption • Optim albioavailabilty • Jointf lexibiltyandm obilty • Providesstructureandelasticitytotis ues Actsfrom the inside to im prove colagen production, a keyelem entofjointvitalityand health! JointPower,Hydrolyzed Marine Colagen,Life Care® MuscleandJointRecovery Colagenisfoundnaturalyinthejoint,muscleandbonesystems,aswelasin the skin,blood ves els,circulatory and digestive system s.Itis es entialfor healthandprovidesnumerousbenef itstothebody. Healthy joints Colagen is es entialform aintaining healthy joints,providing structure and strength to cartilage.Hydrolysed marine colagen helps support colagen productioninthejointsandboostsjointf lexibilty,m obiltyandoveralhealth. Im provesjointcom fortand flexibility Complex formula with hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin and organic turm eric powder ensures optimal absorption and bioavailabilty forthe body.Hydrolysed marine colagen nourishes,strengthensand regeneratesjointcartilage structurebyprovidinges entialam inoacids. In addition,marine colagen containses entialmineralssuch as iron,zinc and selenium,which can help strengthen bones and ligaments.Organicturmericpowderbooststhe benef icialefects ofcolagenandimprovesjointcomfort. Vitalsupportforan active and healthy lifestyle Glucosam ine and chondroitin help m aintain healthy cartilage for jointcushioningandeaseofmovement. M arinecolagensupplementshelpsupportjointtis uerepairand regeneration,reducingpainandpromotingoveraljointhealth. Recommendeddose:2capsules/day,aftermeal,onlyforpersons aged16yearsandover. M adeinGermany £ 17.99 20% DISCOUNT 30capsules 7107 NEW! 33 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY