Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

Organicherbaland fruit tea,forchildren,Life Care® supportstheimmunesystem The tea contains carefuly selected BIO herbs, such as sea buckthorn,rosehip,marigold and balm,true friends ofthe immune system,but alsoofthedigestivesystem . Itis recommended 1 cup perday by children over9 months ofage,or2-3 cups perday by childrenover3yearsofage. M adeinEU 30g (20x1.5g) £ 4.05 574 23 7080 MultiPlusVitKIDS,with vitam insand calcium for children,Life Care® complexformulathatises ential fordevelopment £ 13.49 W anting the bestforourchildren,we have conceived a specialrecipe based on multiple vitamins(C,E,B1,B2,B3, B5,B6 and D3)and calcium,neces ary forahealthygrowth. •importantroleinthemetabolic energy •sustainsthenormalfunctionof thenervoussystem We recommend 1-2 capsules a day,preferably to be consumed during m eals,startingw iththeageof3years M adeinGermany 30tablets 7620 •helpsf ixcalcium inthebones •maintainsthe healthofthe m uscularsystem •contributesto thehealthof bonesandteeth Es entialfood supplementforthe normalgrowth and developmentofbones,teeth and the immune system forlitleones. In the f irst years of life,vitam in D is extrem ely importantforhealth,andparentsmustensurethat theirbabygetsenoughvitaminD. The es ential role of vitamin D continues throughout childhood and into adulthood, contributing to the formation and maintenance of healthybonesandmuscles,the normalabsorption of calcium and phosphorus, participates in the proces of cel division and helps the normal functioningoftheimmunesystem. Onedropperdayis,from theageof1year. M adeinGermany Vitam in D3,dropsforchildren, 400 IU,Life Care® maintainsbonehealth 8% DISCOUNT £ 11.49 25 ml HEALTHANDIMMUNITY