Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

Kräuter® Mann Aftershave balm with BIO calendula remedyforiritatedskin £ 8.10 £ 7.69 100 ml The rich formula in plantssuch aschamomile and BIO calendula helpsac elerate the naturalproces ofskin regeneration and soothesskin aftershaving.Itabsorbs quickly leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated, helping it form a protective barier against harmful environm entalfactors. M adeinGermany 4455 4456 Shaving gel,Mann,with BIO calendula,Life Care® reducesiritiation 100 ml The Shaving gel,M ann,with BIO calendula, Life Care® preparesthe skin foreasyshaving, helpingtoreduceiritation.TheBIO calendula andm intextractsm oisturizedryskin,actingas an excelentsoothing.Itminimizesthe riskof cutingandhelpseliminatethefeelingofskin congestion. M adeinGermany 102 BEAUTYANDPERSONALCARE