Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

Deo rol-on Mann,with BIO calendula,Life Care® protectssensitive skin The Deo rol-on M ann,with BIO calendula,Life Care® m oisturizesandprotectsthesensitiveskin of the armpit,doesnotinhibitperspiration,supports the normalfunctioning ofthe sweatglands,while preventing unpleasantodors.Itdoes notcontain alum inum particles,artif icialdyes and does not blockpores.Itissuitableforalskintypes,evenfor sensitive skin. M adeinGermany 4457 103 BEAUTYANDPERSONALCARE The Aftershave lotion,M ann,Life Care® has a long lasting fragrance and hydrating substancesto tone and refresh men’sskin.A perfectshaving endsw ith a fresh after-shave thatrestoresthehealthybalanceoftheshaved skin. The peak notes ofer the fresh and invigorating citrus fragrance of, w hile the medium notes captivate and atractthrough thepowerofaromaticplantssuch aslavender and jasmine.Al these are incorporated in a strong perfum e,m asculine and sophisticated, given bythe woodyaroma,such asmuskand amberinthebasenotes. M adeinEU Aftershave lotion,Mann, Life Care® skinreinvigorationandcare 100 ml £ 7.20 50 ml £ 6.79 4582 Does not contain aluminum derivatives and artificial dyes. ALUMINIUM FRE