Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

ArtroLife,with green shel extract,Life Care® forjointelasticity Thegreenmus elPernaCanaliculuscomesfrom New Zealand and represents an important source of Omega 3 fat acids, vitamins and minerals, with positive efects on the inf lammatoryproces esfrom the organism and ondiferentjointdisorders. •improvesjointmobilty •protectsandhelpsregeneratingthe spinalcolumnafectedbytheagingproces •eff icientaidforjointpainorinf lam m ations Personsover15are recommended 1capsuleperday. M adeinGermany £ 11.79 30capsules 766 •analgesicand naturalenergy vitalizer •fasterrecovery ofthebody •m aintains jointhealth •increases energylevels Foodsupplementthathelpsthebodyrecoverfaster. MSM hasnumeroushealth benef its,being es ential intheproperfunctioningofthebody. MSM is an antioxidant, detoxifying and anti-inf lammatory substance, being a frequent component of joint maintenance formulas,which reducesmuscleandjointdiscomfort. M ethod of administration: 1 capsule/day is recommended,onlyforpeoplefrom theageof16. 774 Calcium and Magnesium CoralCom plex,Life Care® m aintainstheskeletalsystem TheCalcium andM agnesium CoralCom plex,LifeCare® is asupplementneces aryfor m aintainingthehealthof theskeletalsystem and teeth,whichcontributesto thenormalfunctioningof themuscularsystem,energy metabolism andthenormal functioningofdigestive enzymes. Itisrecommendedone capsuleperdayforpeople over15yearsofage. M adeinGermany £ 7.89 30capsules M adeinGermany MSM Power, Life Care® m aintainsjointhealth £ 9.29 30capsules 7037 30 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY