Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

Com plexwith vitam in D3 (2000 IU),K2 and Om ega 3 flax,Life Care® maintainsbonehealth £ 12.49 30capsules Yourbonehealthisveryimportant.Youneeda dietary supplement with a high vitamin D3 contenttohelpyoumaintainit. Itimprovesthemood,supportsthefunctioning oftheimmunesystem andcomesasasupport forthecardiovascularsystem . Method ofadministration:2 capsules/day are recommended,onlyforpeoplefrom theageof 14. M adeinGermany •containsvitaminsD3(2000IU), K2andOmega3from Linum •ensurescalcium f ixation •supportsthefunctioningofthe immunesystem •improvesmood 7044 £ 8.99 Happy&RelaxMuscle,with potas ium ,m agnesium and vitam in B6,Life Care® reducesmusclecramps Musclecrampsoc urwhenamuscle contractsinvoluntarily and forcibly, w iththeim pos ibiltyofrelaxation. M usclesbinding tw o joints(w rists) arethemostpronetocontracting. M usclecram psvaryinintensityfrom a sim plespasm toanexcruciatingpain. Thedurationofthemusclecrampcan gofrom afew secondsupto15 minutesormore. Theoptimalcompositionof ingredientssuchasM agnesium, Vitam inB6,Potas ium andVitam inE helpstheoptimalas imilationof proteinsandfatsandactsbenef icialy onthenervoussystem. Itisrecommendedonecapsuleper day forpeopleover16yearsofage. M adeinGermany 30capsules 7007 31 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY