Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

£ 8.99 M obility capsules, BearPower,Life Care® increasesm obilty A dietary supplement with a complex formula of special ingredients: Indian frankincense, wild chestnut, organic eucalyptusandwhitewilow. Designedtorepresent,togetherwith the W arm ingGel,BearPower,withBIO plants, Life Care®,a complete solution to help withmuscleandjointdiscomfort. •actsinternaly •complexformula •againstmuscleand jointdiscomfort •strengthenstheefectof theW armingGel,BearPower, w ith BIO plants,Life Care® 4100 30capsules 4052 PowerROL byBearPower, w ith BIO plants,Life Care® relievesm usclepain £ 10.39 50 ml InspiredbyBearPower,thisisa wel-knownproduct,developed torelieveseveraltypesof discom fort,such asm uscle or jointdiscom fort. Obtainedfrom themost valuablem edicinalplants, amongwhichmint,eucalyptus, vineandginsengcomefrom biologicalycontroled environments,ithasa concentratedformulawitha warmingefectthatrelieves m uscle discom fort,contusions anddislocationsthatmayoc ur afterphysicalexertion. M adeinGermany M adeinGermany •fastabsorptionthankstothe innovativeform ula •strongwarmingandcalming efect •easytocaryanduse,rol-on packaging 6 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY