Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

Digestive support Contributesto the properfunctioning ofthe digestive system and providesa state ofwel-being to the body.Helpsrelieve nausea, abdominal pain, exhaustion and general malaise. Reducesdiscomfortrelatedtomotionsicknes . Boostsim m une function Gingerhasimmune-boostingpropertiesthatcanhelpimprove thebody'snaturaldefensemechanisms. Tone and vitality Its naturalproperties can refresh and revitalize your body, helping you feelmore energized and balanced in yourdaily life. Cardiovascularsupport Antioxidantsfound in gingercapsulescan f ightfree radicals, reduceoxidativestres andsupportthecardiovascularsystem . Balancing inflam m ation Gingerhelpsbalancethebody'snaturalandhealthyresponse toinf lam m ation,includingm usclerecoveryafterexercise. Ginger contains bioactive compounds (gingerol, terpenes, oleoresins and volatile oils) that help reduce inf lammation-related symptoms such as joint and muscle discom fort. Gingeriswidelyused forhealthydigestive supportand gastrointestinaltracthealth.The active ingredientssupportthe growth ofbenef icialintestinalm icro-organism s,which are vitalforintestinalhealth. Recommendeddose:2tablets/day,aftermeal,onlyforpersonsaged14yearsandover. M adeinGermany •Healthydigestivesystem •Supportsstomachhealthandcomfort •Tonicandenergising •Fastabsorption OrganicGingerRoot,500m g,Life Care® supportsdigestivehealth £ 8.29 30tablets 7106 63 WEIGHTLOS ANDDETOXIFICATION RO-ECO-0 8 NEW! 31% DISCOUNT