Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

HEALTH AND IMMUNITY BEAUTYAND PERSONALCARE HOMECARE PRODUCTS NUTRITION AND SPORT EDUCATION AND PERSONALDEVELOPMENT MONEYAND ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEIGHTLOS AND DETOXIFICATION Being HAPPYEVERYDAY meanslivingwith OVERAL WELBEING,contentment andjoyeverydayofyour life. It is a STATEOFSPIRITIN W HICH YOU FE LSATISFIED AND FULFILED evenwhen facingdailychalengesand obstacles. Beinghappyeveryday doesnotmeanthatyouwil notencounterdiff icultiesor les pleasantmoments,but thatyouhavetheabiltyto f indthepositivethings, appreciatethesm al pleasuresandcultivatean AT ITUDEOFGRATITUDE TOWARDSYOURLIFE constantly.