Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

570 Organicteaforcough and expectoration,Life Care® expectorantandantitus ive The Bronchialtea is an herbaltea, idealfor treating cough and bronchitis. It stim ulates expectoration and releasesthe airways.Thistea has emolient, healing and antimicrobial properties due to mucilage, saponins and esential oils contained by Plantago. Suggestions:W esuggest2-3cupsofteaperday forpersonsover6years. MadeinUE 30g(20x1,5g) £ 4.99 9% DISCOUNT 477 476 GLUTEN FRE NO DYES OR PRESERVATIVES Echinacea hasbeen used forthousandsofyears formedicinalpurposes thanks to its incredible properties. Ac ording to experts, echinacea appears to activate chemicalsin the body thathelp reduce certain iritations, thereby reducing cold symptoms. It contains several chemical compoundsthatstimulatetheimmunesystem. •eliminatethefeelingof discomfortwhencoughing •calm the respiratory tract •haveemolientaction •supportthe body Made in Belgium BE-BIO-02 Made in Belgium The word sage com es from the Latin "salvare" whichmeanstosave. In antiquity, sage was considered a panacea, being used in the treatment ofmore than 60 diseases. Sage isone ofthe bestnaturalremedieswe can usetotreatthroatandpharynxproblems. Ifyou don'tfeelwel and face discomfortin the throat,youcanturntothenaturalsolution–drops withBIO sage. •relievethroatand pharynxinf lam m ation •easebreathingby decongestingthe pharynx •reducetheamountof secretions •supporttheimmune system Throatdrops,with BIO sage,Life Care® keepthethroatandpharynx healthy Cough drops,with BIO echinacea,Life Care® helpsoothethroatiritations andcoughs £ 4.49 45 g £ 4.49 45 g 18 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY RO-ECO-008