Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

3 in 1 Liquid soap,with lavenderand BIO herbs, Life Care® relaxesthesenses £ 7.19 500 ml Thenew BIO plantsandlavender oil form ula has triple action: liquid soap, shower gel and bubblebath.Naturalingredients moisturize the body and hands’ skin, leaving a nice lavender scentalovertheskin,evenafter rinse. The special created formula also worksasa bubble bath, releasing a relaxing lavender scent that calms the sensesand the nervoussystem. Lavender,oneofthebestknown aromatic plants used since ancienttimes for daily care or laundry wash, ofers physical and mental relaxation,sooths nervous tensions and energeticalybalances theorganism. M adeinGermany LIQUID SOAP SHOWER GEL BUBBLE BATH TRIPLE EFECT Liquid soap,with BIO cham om ile and calendula,Life Care® soothingandregenerating £ 6.49 500 ml Thecombinationbasedonmarigolds andBIO chamomileprotectsagainst microbes,whilecalmingand regeneratingtheskin.Thesoaphas antisepticandrefreshingefects. M adeinGermany 94 BEAUTYANDPERSONALCARE 4000 4104