Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

£ 7.69 30capsules £ 8.09 30capsules Ginkgo Biloba,with lecithin, Life Care® im provescirculation The generouscombination ofginkgo biloba and lecithin im proves circulation, m ental functions andhasabenef icialroleinvasodilation. Om ega 3 with fish oil, Life Care® cardiovascularprotection Omega-3 faty acids are clasified as "es ential"becausetheyarenotproduced byourbody.In otherwords,theycan only be obtained from our diet and food supplements.Fishoil,richinOmega3faty acids,vitaminsA and D,contributesto the mental health, improves memory and protectstheheartfrom m entalstres . The mostimportantOmega 3 acids are: E.P.A. (Eicosapentaenoic) and D.H.A. (Docosahexaenoic), which contribute to numerous biochemical proceses. The E.P.A acidisim portantforthepreventionof heart diseases, because it lowers triglyceride levels, and the D.H.A. acid participates in brain and nervous system functions. Method of administration: one gelatine capsule perday,only forpeople from the ageof16. M adeinGermany The ginkgo extract has an efect on blood circulation disorders: inthebrainandextrem ities, improves energy metabolism in the brain by increasing the uptake ofglucose and molecular oxygen,and atthe ocularlevelincreasesvisual acuity inhibitsplateletactivation factor,w hich reduces thetendencytodevelopbloodclots. Itisrecommendedonecapsuleper dayforpeopleover15yearsofage. M adeinGermany 756 747 Alpha lipoicacid com plex, w ith biotin,Life Care® strengthensbloodves els Alpha lipoic acid is the water and fat-soluble substance that helps transport glucose to the m uscles, but it can also be an antioxidant that protectscelsfrom theactionoffreeradicals. It acts intracelularly, where it transforms carbohydratesintoenergy,contributestothenormal metabolism ofmacronutrientsand the maintenance ofnormalbloodglucoseconcentration. Method ofadministration:2 capsules/day,only for peoplefrom theageof16. M adeinGermany £ 13.09 30capsules •transportsglucosetothebody •excelentantioxidant forthebody •supportsthecardiovascular system •providesenergytothebody 7051 6% DISCOUNT 42 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY