Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

7074 7072 Zinc,Life Care® activatesthecelularfunctions Zincisa mineraltrace elementwhich ises entialto the body and is important in: its growth and development, in neurological and reproductive functions, but especialy in supportingtheimmunesystem. Zinchasan es entialrole in: •theproperfunctioningoftheimmunesystem andthecelular metabolism and rejecting pathogens, thus reducing the severityanddurationofviralinfectiousdiseasesorcolds •m aintainingtheactivesensessuchastasteandsm el •boneformationandtis uegrowth-zinchelpsabsorbcalcium in the bones,thus maintaining their health but also their recoveryincaseoffractures •im proving blood circulation and cognitive functions - zinc maintains the balance ofbrain functions and is es entialin braindevelopment •form ationofcolageninordertom aintainhealthyskin,hair and nails Foranoptimalevelofzinc andahealthybody,acorect andvarieddietisneces ary. Methodofadministration:one tabletperdayisrecommended. M adeinGermany Quercetin PlusVitam in C,Life Care® improvestheimmunesystem Quercetin isabiof lavonoid,apigmentpresentin manyvegetables,fruitsandf lowers. Thisantioxidantsubstanceisveryimportantforthehealthofthebodyandhelpsreduce free radicalsand fatoxidation.Quercetin isfound abundantly in capers,red onions, radishesand apples,butthe vegetable with the highestamountofquercetin isred onion,more precisely the partfrom the roots and outerlayer.The Quercetin Plus Vitam in C,Life Im pulse® supplementcontains500mg ofquercetin extracted from red onionpeeland50mgofVitaminC. Quercetin isa 100% naturaldietarysupplem ent and isrecom m ended for: •m aintainingthehealthoftheim m une,respiratory andcardiovascularsystem •reductionofoxidativestres •reductionofinf lam m ationandalergicm anifestations Vitam in Cisone ofthe m ostim portantvitam ins needed bythe hum an body: •helpssupporttheimmunesystem •isasupportinpreventingandrelievingthesymptoms ofcoldandf lu •protectsthebodyagainstoxidativestres Itisrecommended1capsule/day,beforemeals,only forpeoplefrom theageof16. M adeinGermany £ 14.39 30capsules £ 6.79 30tablets 7% DISCOUNT 28 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY