Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

10% DISCOUNT The Body cream , Treasured Rose, w ith BIO Rose water,Life Care® is specialy created to provide skin com plex care: it m oisturizes in depth,provides protection against externalfactors,givingsoftnes and aradiantlook. Body cream ,Treasured Rose,with BIO Rose water, Life Care® com plexcare £ 12.59 200 ml Aniresistibleproductyoumusthave!Itssoft foam withf inef loralscentwilrelaxandpam per youeveryday.Thecreamyformulagently cleanses,preventsdehydrationandsupportsthe restorationofthenaturalskinprotectionbarier. M adeinGermany M adeinGermany Itisimportantto love and care forevery partofourbody.The skin in the axilary area requires proper care. Unpleasant odorsand sweating are justsome ofthe problems you may encounter if you neglectthisarea ofyourbodyand do not provide properhygiene and care.Natural deo,Treasured Rose,with BIO plants,Life Care® youneed-withagentleactionthat is based on natural and organic ingredients,enriched with a mixture of active ingredientsthatactsynergisticaly, balancingthesweatingproces .Itcaresfor sensitive skin and w raps it in a subtle aromaofroses. Alum inium salt-free 24-haction Alcohol-free M adeinItaly 2 in 1 ShowerGeland Bubble Bath,Treasured Rose, w ith BIO rose water,Life Care® BIO rosewater £ 7.69 50 ml Naturaldeo,Treasured Rose, w ith BIO plants,Life Care® withoutaluminum saltsandalcohol £ 10.39 200 ml 21246 21247 21257 5% DISCOUNT 84 BEAUTYANDPERSONALCARE