Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

£ 8.69 500 ml CONCENTRATED FOR 50 USES UniversalDetergent with es entialorange oil,Life Care® orangees entialoilformula Thecombinationofingredientscleansand decalcif iesalthesm oothsurfacesfrom the house,withoutleavingspots. •ithasantibacterialproperties •itprotectsglos ysurfaces •itcanbeusedassuchon theclosetanddilutedonthe restofthebathroom •itisabiodegradable product M adeinGermany PACKAGE 100% RECYCLED IMPROVED FORMULA WITH ESSENTIAL ORANGE OIL Stain Rem overwith orange terpene,Life Care® m ultifunctional 925 £ 27.99 •biologicaldegreaser •eliminatesodour •rem ovesstains •exceptionalcleaningpower •100% recycledpackaging M adeinGermany 500 ml 920 508 £ 9.99 750 ml Active Gel,with es ential pepperm intoilforcleaning the toilet,Life Care® scalesandprovidesshine •descales •sanitizes • cleans •providesshine •deodorizesleavinga freshsmel M adeinGermany ECODETERGENT ECODETERGENT 112 HOMECAREPRODUCTS