Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

100% BIO NONIJUICE NO PRESERVATIVES Organicnonijuice supplem ent, Pure Noni,Life Care® energyandvitality An undeniable formula of 100% PURE Nonifruitjuice,certif iedasorganicplant, from French Polynesia, rich in antioxidants,vitam insandm inerals. Due to the content of antioxidants, vitamin C and selenium,the nonifruit f ights free radicals, while providing a sense ofwel-being and extraenergyto the body. It maintains physical and mentaltoneandrevitalizesthebodyand mind. 20-30mlperday/adults,and10ml/day forchildren,starting from the age of3 years. M adeinGermany 500 ml £ 29.69 DE-ÖKO-007 8118 •100% BIO NoniJuice •BIO (organic)certif iedproduct •regeneratescels •m aintainsphysicalandm entaltone 37 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY 7083 The complex of ingredients such as M aca, Aschwagandha, green tea and omega 3 contributes to improving the generalmood, supporting vitality and resistance to stres . M aca isa superfood,known foritsabilty to increase the energy of the body, Aschwagandha helpsf ightstres and protect the nervoussystem,green tea actsasa good antioxidant to com bat oxidative stres , and Omega3playsanimportantroleindeveloping thebrainandheartstructureandfunctions. Methodofadministration:itisrecommended2 capsules per day after meal. It is only recommendedforpeoplefrom 16yearsofage. M adeinGermany £ 14.39 30capsules EnergyMaca,with Aschwagandhaand Om ega3,Life Care® itimprovesyourmood 4% DISCOUNT