Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

70% DISCOUNT in MONTH 4 throughthe W elcomeProgram!Detailsonpage125-127. 9% DISCOUNT Anti-w rinkle serum ,W rinkle Filer,w ith HyaluronicacidandVitam inA,LifeCare® -a revolutionary productthatreduces theappearanceofwrinklesbyf ilingand sm oothingthem .W rinkleFiler,instantly acts and significantly reduces the appearanceofwrinklesforupto8hours. Anti-wrinkle serum ,W rinkle Filer,with Hyaluronicacid and Vitam in A,Life Care® reducestheappearance ofwrinkles £ 36.79 Naturalalternative to Botox 10timesbeterprice naturalsolution maximum efect 20 ml MadeinUE 21215 Last time incatalog 77 BEAUTYANDPERSONALCARE