Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

Mas age lotion,with BIO plants,Life Care® relaxingefectforthebody 4351 4083 16 HEALTHANDIMMUNITY £ 10.49 500 ml 100 ml Basedonaspecialcombinationof m ountainarnica,eucalyptus,pine,m int, juniperandSiberianf ir,thelotionhelpsa deepm usclerelaxation,w ithcalm ing efectsonthemas agedarea. M adeinGermany £ 15.79 Oil,M agicOil,Life Care® oilfrom over30herbs Oil,M agic Oil,Life Care® is a magicalproduct,a concentrated mix of over 30 es ential oils from medicinal plants, indispensable for the whole family.The oilis recommended for al skin types, including sensitive skin. M adeinItaly concentrated product headaches 2drops(mas age-the areaofthetemples) respiratoryproblem s 1/2drops(externalapplication -nasalarea) relaxation 25/30drops(inthetub) refreshm entofthe airin the house 4/5drops(inthehumidif ierorin thespecialcleaningbowl) rejuvenation ofthe feet 10/15drops(in3litresofwater) rheum aticpain 3/10drops(mas age thepainfularea) 30 esential oils •ac elerateswoundshealing •anti-inf lam m atory,antisepticand antirheum aticaction •releasesairways •helpsskinregeneration