Life Care Catalogue autumn - winter 2024 - UK

Face cream ,with BIO cham om ile,Life Care® nourishesandsoothestheskin £ 8.09 The nourishing face cream isidealforthe care ofsensitive skin,w ith a m oisturizing and soothing efect.The concentration of naturalherb extractssuch asShea buter, BIO chamomile,BIO vine,BIO almond oil andBIO jojobaoil,combinedwithalantoin and panthenol,is excelentfordaily skin care and beauty rituals, w ith efects of slowing down the premature aging ofthe skin. The Face cream ,with BIO cham om ile,Life Care® helps the skin regain its natural supplenes ,givingitavelvetyandhealthy look. The cream has a triple action: chamomile -nourishes,soothesand helps tis ue regeneration, alantoin - helps produce colagen and protects the skin from harmfulfactors,panthenol-softens and m oisturizes the skin, restoring its naturalelasticity. Made in Germany 200 ml Lip balm ,with BIO calendula,Life Care® protectionandm oisturizing 5 g £ 3.59 BIO marigoldstogetherwiththe oliveoilcareandhydratethelips, oferingthem anaturalandhealthy aspectw itheveryapplication. Excelentforsunorwinddriedlips. M adeinGermany 96 BEAUTYANDPERSONALCARE 4571 4600 The Life Care® Cream with BIO grape seedoilandcalendulahelpsmaintain a youthful look and prevents dehydration of the skin, gives epidermis its brightnes and smoothnes ,delayingskinaging. Due to the grape seed oil,the cream is easily absorbed by the skin, m oisturizesitand restoresitsnatural elasticity.In addition,the calendula extractsprovide the optim allevelof nutrientsand vitam insthatstim ulate cel regeneration, making the skin softer,givingitahealthyappearance. M adeinGermany Cream ,with BIO grape seed oiland calendula, Life Care® hydrationandregeneration Due £ 8.99 200 ml 100 ml £ 7.19 soon with anew design Consisting of4 BIO oilsrich in vitam ins,the hand cream protectstheskinagainst he external harmful factors, hydratesand preventsskin prematureaging. M adeinGermany Hand cream ,with BIO grape seeds and alm ond oil, Life Care® intensively m oisturizes 4545 4546